October Sweets: Zodiac Cakes & the Better Royal Wedding Cake?

October Sweets: Zodiac Cakes & the Better Royal Wedding Cake?

October has crept by with a slew of world political issues bursting onto the forefront. In a newsletter about wedding cakes and desserts, I am not about to tell you what to think about any of them. But, to all my USA readers, I do want to encourage you to vote. It's your right to vote so make it count. So many atrocities were endured by those who came before us, like the women in the suffrage movement, just so we could vote today. And, in some countries, women still do not have the right to vote. I truly believe if we want to live in a peaceful democracy then the very least each of us can do is exercise our right to vote. If you need to find out where to vote, you can enter your address here for your nearest location. And, if you are worried that you might have to wait in a long line then save the rest of this to read to help pass the time. Now, on with the October Sweets:


The Better Royal Wedding Cake?

Although much less publicized, this past month there was another royal wedding which, of course, means there was another royal wedding cake! This time it was Princess Eugenie's wedding and her cake came curiously from the costume designer turned cake baker, Sophie Cabot. I have to say, this cake is a vast improvement over the last royal wedding cake. It is five tiers filled with chocolate and red velvet cake covered in a cascade of sugar flowers. This bird's eye view picture comes directly from the baker's Instagram account and taken with her own phone. It's truly a lovely cake but, come on UK royalty, we need to work on that cake stand game. Check out the full details on the better royal wedding cake here.  

Royal wedding cake stand


Zodiac Wedding Cakes

I have seen Zodiac signs for the best career choice, the best love life option, and even the best superhero powers. But the best wedding cake? Never. Until now! Brides magazine did a wonderfully fun post matching up the traits of each zodiac sign with a corresponding wedding cake. Personally, even though I'm a Libra, I liked the Cancer cake best. Check it out to see why.


A Cake That Caught My Eye

This geometric masterpiece was designed by Kaked by Katie and is a modern bride's dream! I love how each layer is its own delightful story that all work seamlessly together. This beauty is showcased on my Simply Stunning Cake Stand for a sleek and sexy finish. To see more great cakes like this one, make sure to follow us on Instagram

 Geometric Cake with amazing cake stand


 OMG Sweet & Low Pre-Sale

In case you missed it, we are having a big 20% OFF Pre-Sale going on for all our Sweet & Low Cake Stands. A pre-sale means we are setting up to do a production run of a cake stand and are offering you a big discount since the cake stands will take a few months to ship. The sale ends on November 6th and the cake stands will ship mid-January. Check out the Sweet & Low Pre-Sale now. 


Question of the Month

Last month, I wanted to know how busy you were this past summer making cakes for clients. Now, let's check out the results:

How busy were you this summer wedding season?

  • 33.3% - Insanely busy
  • 37.5% - Busier than normal
  • 12.5% - Average 
  • 8.3% - Same number of cakes, less inquiries 
  • 4.2% - Slower
  • 4.2% - Tumbleweeds blew across my bakery

Well, for a good 70% of you it looks like it was busier than normal this past summer. Which is fantastic! For the rest of us, I guess we need to figure out what in the heck happened and fix it. 

This month, with one of my favorite holidays looming, I want to know what is your favorite sweet treat:


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