Sarah's Baker Spotlight: Winifred Kriste´

Sarah's Baker Spotlight: Winifred Kriste´

From a quaint cake boutique in Singapore, Winifred Kriste´ meets with clients from around the globe to design cakes and sugar confections for a myriad of events. Winifred specializes in stunning hand-painted cakes and delightful sugar flowers that have gained her some much-deserved attention. You might know her work from when she was an intern with Maggie Austin and she worked on a specialized magazine spreads for Martha Stewart and the Victorian-style sugar flower vases that were commissioned by Michelle Obama (how awesome is that!). Winifred is a true artist with impeccable sugar skills and her designs catch my eye every time I see one. What an honor it is that she has agreed to go beyond the frosting so that I can get to know a bit more about the baker behind Winifred Kriste´ Cakes! 

Winifred Kriste Cake StandsWinifred Kriste Cake StandsWinifred Kriste Cake Stands

Where did you grow up?


When did you start baking?
At the age of 19.

How did you first become interested in designing cakes?
I got into baking and creating designs thanks to not getting into university. I had gotten bad grades. So, while taking a gap year, I decided to try my hand at something new!

Which of your cakes is your favorite?
Oooh, I have so many favorites because they are all meant for different occasions. But if I have to choose one, it has got to be this free-style macaron tower cake that we did. Because it is a combination of my favorite line of macarons, a cake, and includes sugar flowers to adorn the entire cake. I personally like unique styles and elements but I also like to keep the traditional elements of a cake (i.e. a cake should look like a cake - people should be able to tell it's a cake from first glance). For the macaron tower cake, I had been dying to try this and I am so glad a bride trusted us on this one. And, we were both so happy with it!

Winifred Kriste Cake Stand

What is your biggest cake oops?
Weirdly enough...I don't think I have one!

If you could only use one for the rest of your life which would it be, buttercream or fondant?
Fondant is the clear winner! You can do so much more with fondant. It is a medium that can be stretched, colored, painted on, or even baked! Every time it surprises me when I try out a new technique on it and it comes together so beautifully to form so many interesting cake designs.

What is the one piece of advice you wish you had received when you first started baking?
Time management is everything - always give yourself a buffer of time because it always takes longer than you expected. Trust me, ha!

What should brides and grooms know to help them get a cake they will love for their big day?
Always approach the baker early. I find that having ample time for discussion always helps churn out good-looking cakes. A cake that the baker and you will be content with and proud to show off. Usually, when the baker is not stressed out with elements like time and not having enough sleep, they work at their best condition and that's when great ideas come about. I am sure couples would love this!

How much cake do you eat in a week?
Wow, I have lost count. I snack on them every time there is leftover cake!

If you couldn’t be a baker, what would you do?
I have thought about this before but I never really have an exact answer. Most likely something where I can work with my hands.

Who is your celebrity crush?
Anne Hathaway!!

Be honest, do you eat grocery store cake?
Omg, no.

Which dessert spread had you more stressed, the one for Martha Stewart or for Michelle Obama?
Wow, to be honest, this is so hard to answer. But I think it was Michelle Obama. Ultimately, it was going to be shown to the world internationally. I guess with that level of exposure it naturally yields high-stress levels.

Most important of all, if I want you to make me a cake, what is the best way to contact you?
The order enquiry form on our website here. --

We recently revamped our website to help clients reach out to us in the most convenient way. The information they type in will help the entire enquiry/order process become a lot more efficient. It really helps to declutter and cut down a lot of unnecessary time we used to spend asking clients the same questions all the time, repeating time after time.

Winifred Kriste´ Cake

Winifred Kriste Cake Stands  Winifred Kriste Cake Stands

Winifred Kriste Cake Stands   Winifred Kriste Cake Stands

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