Sarah's Ultimate Gift Guide for Dessert Lovers

Sarah's Ultimate Gift Guide for Dessert Lovers

The holiday gift giving season is again upon us and you have begun your annual quest for the perfect gift for everyone on your list.  Before you become Alice diving so deep down that internet shopping rabbit hole that you starting watching pipe smoking caterpillars videos, let me help cross off a few of the dessert lovers on your list. Here is a list of 10 great gifts for the dessert lover in your life. And if you still need more help, check out:  Sarah’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Bakers. 


I heart Chocolate Hat - Sometimes you have to let the world know when you really love something. Let your dessert loving friend show off their deep love for chocalte with this fun trucker hat.

Personalized Ice Cream -  Everyone loves ice cream, but dessert lovers REALLY love it. So a gift of a customized ice cream flavor with a personalized label is a gift they will not soon forget. 

Donut Earings - These little beauties are just too cute for words. They would like right at home hanging from a dessert lovers ears, letting the world know "yeah I like dessert, but I also know how to look good." 

Parlour Ice Cream Mixing Set - Everyone loves Cold Stone, but you know what's better than Cold Stone, a Cold Stone in your home. This ice cream set lets you recreate all your favourite mixes without leaving your own house.


Sweet & Low Cake Stands When you love desserts you want to make sure they are shown off properly and nothing shows off a dessert better than a cake stand. The Sweet & Low collection from Sarah's Stands is a low profile cake stand that can be out on display at all times ready to make any sweet treat look its best. The Sweet & Low cake stands are made from carbon steel, come in two size (10 and 14 inch), and three colors (White, Black, and Gold.)

Cinnamon Bun Jewelry - These darling little pins are the perfect way to subtly let the world know about your love of Desserts. They are cute, stylish and sweet as a button.

Sprinkly Snack Phone Case - It's a pop tart! No, it's a phone! It's a phone that looks like a pop tart. This phone case from Lolli is the perfect thing to sweeten up a dessert lover's iPhone.

Electric Stainless Steel S’mores Maker - There is no way around it, s'mores are awesome. All gooey and chocolaty with a graham cracker crunch, there is nothing quite like it. So why do we only have them when camping? Well fix that right now with this fun set-up from Nostalgic Electronics.

Chocolate Candy Bar Cake - A cake made from candy bars is exactly as amazing as it sounds. Have you ever seen your dessert loving friend jump for joy? Well you will after you give them a Candy Bar cake!



Face Mug - Coffe and a biscuit. Cookies and Milk. Some things just naturally go together, so why even try to keep them separate? This fun mug holds your liquid of choice and your sweet treat all in one cute container.

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