September Sweets: Mergers & Black Wedding Cakes

September Sweets: Mergers & Black Wedding Cakes

September is now behind us and with it goes the last gasps of summer. Sigh. It's official, winter is coming. Or maybe I just really missed Game of Thrones this year? Either way, with the summer season behind us, I was talking with some folks in the wedding industry and it seems like the big, bold wedding cake was on a bit of an ebb this year. Don't get me wrong, the wedding cake tradition is not going anywhere. But, we all agree, it seemed a little off this year. I am curious if you had the same experience? Please answer the poll question at the bottom and let us know. Now, onward with this month's fabulous September Sweets: 


All Black Wedding Cakes

An all-black wedding cake sounds like an oxymoron. A crazy idea that some goth teenager would conjure up. But, when done right, it is a chic delight that has been on a major upward trend this past year. It has a classic, strong look that will catch people off guard and really impress them with its boldness and beauty. For you bakers out there, if the right event or couple comes along, don't be afraid to try out the all-black wedding cake. Need some inspiration? Check out this slideshow in Martha Stewart Weddings, and these beauties on Pinterest.


Massive Wedding Industry Merger

The Knot and Wedding Wire are two industry giants that recently announced a $933 million dollar merger. The Knot's parent company, XO Group, worked out a deal to bring The Knot into its growing roster of brands. The two apparently will continue to operate independently but I can't imagine there won't be quite a bit of crossover given obvious synergies between the two. What does this mean for those of us that work with them? Hard to say until the deal is finalized in early 2019 but keep your eyes open because changes are coming. To understand a little more about the details of the deal, check this out.


 Cake That Caught My Eye

I love this idea! Showing off the sketch and the actual cake side by side is a brilliant visual. It really let's you get an idea of everything that goes into these amazing cakes  This genius idea comes from Lima Cakes in Toronto. I have to say, I am particularly tickled that she chose to sketch my Sweet & Low Cake Stand into the original design. To see more great cakes like this one, make sure to follow us on Instagram. 

Amazing cake stand


How Not to Cut Your Wedding Cake!

The cake cutting ceremony is a big deal. Everyone is watching, the cameras are clicking, and the cake smash face dilemma hangs in there. It is a moment rich in symbolism: the couple's fertility, the first act performed together as a married couple, and the beginning of their new life together.  Let's take a moment and look at the ways you can screw it up. These are my tips on How Not to Cut Your Wedding Cake!


Question of the Month

Last month, I asked all the pro bakers out there how they transport their amazing cake creations from point A to point B. Let's check out the results!

How do you transport your wedding cakes?

  • 36.6% - With a Cake Safe
  • 33.3% - In a cardboard box
  • 10%   -  Something of my own invention
  • 6.7% -  Shove it in the backseat of my car and pray 
  • 13.3% - Assemble on site

I am surprised that only a third of you use a Cake Safe, the same number as the cardboard box. But, I have to say, I am most curious about the near 7% that shove the cake in the backseat and pray technique. I mean, some of you must have incredible stories about your car getting coated with cake! (I must know so email me if you got a good one.)

This month, I got a question about your summer:

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