September Sweets: Wedding Cake Blunders & UK Awards

September Sweets: Wedding Cake Blunders & UK Awards

September is done and we are moving on to the changing leaves of autumn. Not too far behind it comes Halloween, pumpkin spice, Turkey Day, and then we are headlong into the Holiday season chaos. So before we get there, now is a good time to take a deep breath and figure out what you want from this year's holiday season. Not what you are supposed to do, but what do you want to do. Before all the chaos fully sets in, now is a good time to figure out  how you can make it happen. But first,  let’s take a look back at the September Sweets:


UK Cake Professional Awards

The UK Cake Professionals is a new organization that started in February of this year to celebrate and help promote UK cake bakers. This past month they opened for entries into their first awards ceremony titled simply "The Cake Professionals Awards." Submissions started Sept 1st and closes Nov 30th. Unfortunately for those of us outside the UK, we are not eligible. For those in the UK "The Cake Professionals Awards are here to celebrate the very best in professional UK cake making. There are over 80 opportunities to win regional or national titles, and over £6,500 in prize money."  I am always in favor of anything that helps bring attention and community to sugar artists, so I look forward to seeing the winners in December!

UK Cake Professionals


Wedding Cake Blunders

Humans have always gotten pleasure at the misfortune of others. It is even the entire basis for the comedy of the 3 Stooges.  In fact, it is so common the Germans even made a word to describe the phenomena, schadenfreude. So considering that all of us in the wedding cake world are human, I figured we could use a good chuckle at a few wedding cake blunders that showed up this past month. The first comes from a waiter attempting an impressive move but chose the wrong table. The slow-motion of the video is what really makes this wedding cake blunder special. The second wedding cake blunder is a series of photos that come courtesy of Metro UK. Each photo gives you another step in the emotional journey as the couples watches their sugar art tumble to the ground. Kudos to the couple for appearing to take it in stride and looking dapper while doing it.


A Cake That Caught My Eye

This month the cake that caught my eye is this colorful little cutie from My Cake by Rachel. We all love a massive 8 tier over the top work of art, but sometimes we need to enjoy the single-tier stunners. I love the hombre effect that extends into the interior of the cake. While the sprinkles on the outside make this cake look ready to party. The pairing with my Sweet & Low cake stand is a perfect match for this delightful cake. To see more great cakes like this one, make sure to follow us on Instagram. 


How Not to Cut Your Wedding Cake

After watching 2 cake cutting ceremonies end in a fit of schadenfreude. I figured it was a good time to take a look at some of my tips on how not to cut your cake. The cake cutting ceremony is one of the highlights of the wedding reception. It is a moment that symbolizes so many things, including the couple's fertility, the first act performed together as husband and wife, and the beginning of their new life together. It also provides a fantastic photo opportunity and many guests look forward to it. So make sure you don't mess it up. But if you do, don't worry you're already married and you just provided a solid laugh for your loved ones.

Question of the Month

Each month to try and better understand the wedding cake world I ask a question. then share the answer the next month. Last month I was curious to know how many couples ask to preserve their top tier:

Roughly what percentage of couples ask to keep a layer of their wedding cake?

  • 10% of couples   - 55%
  • 25% of couples   - 6%
  • 50% of couples   - 17%
  • 75% of couples   - 11%
  • 90% of couples   - 6%
  • 100% of couples - 5%

Wowza! A massive 55% of you bakers out there have only 10% or less of your couples ask to keep the top layer of the cake. This feels like a massive tradition change. It use to be almost everyone saved some of their cake, now it looks like the vast majority do not. I am not sure what the practical implications are, but that is for sure a massive trend change. 

This month I want to ask you about cake design competitions:

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