Sarah's Ultimate Gift Guide for Bakers

Sarah's Ultimate Gift Guide for Bakers

The holiday shopping season is once again upon us! It's time to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list and prove you are the gift giving master. Well, before you give up on your quest to became a gift giving legend and just go with a pile of gift cards, here are a few gifts that are perfect for the bakers in your life. So, cozy up by the fire, grab some spiced eggnog, click a couple of links and check all the bakers off your gift list.  And for more great gift ideas check out: Sarah’s Ultimate Gift Guide for Dessert Lovers.  


Whisk Necklace - This darling necklace from Food 52 is a sleek stylish way to show off your baker pride at any event. You can take the girl out of the bakery, but you can't take the bakery out of the girl. It comes in sterling silver ($72) or 14K gold ($325). 

Cake Box  - A baker can spend all day creating the perfect cake for friends and family only to have it ruined when trying to transport it to the party. Not anymore! This stylish cake box (or cupake box) makes sure everything arrives looking perfect. This box costs 55$ and is creation of the aptly named company Pie Box.


 Oven Pusher/Puller - Getting burned sucks, but when you work with a hot oven long enough it's bound to happen. But not if you have a Oven Pusher/Puller! This clever little stick makes sliding oven racks in out easy and safe. Bakers will be wondering how they survived without it. 

Dessert & Baking Salts - Sweet and Salty is one of the best flavor combinations in the world. So help the baker in your life master this amazing flavor with some of the most interesting salt flavors around like Vanilla Lavender, Lemon Ginger, or Espresso. At only $19 it's the perfect little gift from Uncommon Goods.

Darth Baker Apron"I have too many cute Aprons" said no baker ever. Modcloth is filled with plenty of fun aprons, but this one from the dark side is the perfect gift for the geeky baker in your life. 

Cake PlateauBakers work hard creating their sweet treats, so why would they toss them on to any old plate  They need a beautiful stage to show off their masterpieces. These cake plateaus from Sarah's Stands are works of art that make any sweet treat irresistible. Made of reclaimed wood from the 1800’s, each plateau features a striking texture and color mixed with authentic old world charm. This beautiful display ware is something a baker would be proud to leave out even when not in use.

Cake Stand - Bakers never have too many ways to show off their sweet treats and a cake stand is the number one way to do just that. The Picture Perfect collection from Sarah's Stand's is a modern take on the classic pedestal shape. The familiar lines naturally draw your eye up to highlight and elevate the sweets on top. These stands are made from durable carbon steel and come in 5 sizes (12, 14, 16, & 18 inch) and 8 colors (White, Black, Gold, Pink, Mint, Silver, Blue, and Violet). Seriously a quality cake stand is on top on every Baker's wish list. 

Your Portrait, Custom Cookie Cutter - How tickled will the baker in your life be when they can say "Eat Me! I am delicious." These custom made cookie cutters from Copy Pastry create cookies in the shape of a face based on a picture that you provide. 

Decorating Pen This handy dandy little tool from Williams and Sonoma makes decorating your sweets as easy as writing with a pen. This is a fun decorating tool for the young and old bakers in your life. Plus it is reasonably priced at $16.95.

Conversion Cuff - Beauty and practicality all wrapped up in one piece of jewelry. This cuff from Uncommon Goods is loaded with helpful measurement conversions and yet is hipster chic for when you leave the kitchen for a night on the town.


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