Upgrade Your Cake Board to a Best Board ™

Upgrade Your Cake Board to a Best Board ™

I'm thrilled to announce the introduction of the new Best Board ™ to my shop. The Best Board ™ is a high-quality white acrylic cake board designed for repeated use. Oh yeah, it's time to upgrade your cake board to a Best Board ™.

I wanted to create a cake board that would work seamlessly with my cake stands. And, that is exactly what the Best Board ™ does! Each Best Board ™ is crafted to perfectly fit the corresponding size cake stand in my shop. This lets the cake board blend into the cake stand for a seamless look and keeps the focus on your cake. 

The Best Board ™ is now available in sizes: 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch & 18 inch diameter.

Best Cake Board Sizes

The white color of the Best Board™ is a spot-on match for my white cake stands to create an even more seamless look. You can also pair it with any of the colored cake stands in my shop as you can see here...

Best Cake Board on White Cake Stand        Best Cake Board on Pink Cake Stand

The Best Board ™ features a slim profile while still maintaining its durability. The 1/4 inch thickness ensures the Best Board ™ can hold the weight of heavy tiered cakes yet it is thin enough to look like part of the cake stand. And, for those extreme bakery confections, you can always double up the boards to double up the strength.  


Best Cake Board on White Cake Stand Close Up Best Cake Board on White Cake Stand

Each Best Board ™ has a 1-1/2 inch center hole for optional support rods to aid in cake construction and transportation. This way you can make sure your cake arrives safe and looking its best. 

Best Cake Boards Center Hole

SPECIAL OFFER: To celebrate the launch of the new Best Boards ™ you can now buy two boards and get one board for 50% OFF. This is a limited time offer so make sure to stock up on these new boards here. Upgrade your cake board to a Best Board ™ today and enjoy!

Best Cake Board SALE

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