What is the best cake stand for my Wedding Cake?

What is the best cake stand for my Wedding Cake?

Quick answer: A cake stand that can support the weight of your wedding cake and also enhances the beauty of your wedding cake.

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What makes for a quality cake stand?
A quality cake stand is constructed from high-end materials to ensure it can support the heavy weight of wedding cakes. Ceramic and most types of glass are weak when they are larger than 12 inches around, so they will not be able to safely support your wedding cake. Make sure to check how much weight your cake stand can hold to avoid any cake disaster. We recommend metal or wood for heavy multi-tiered wedding cakes. 

Additionally, your cake stand needs to have a flat top plate to support your wedding cake properly. If it has any kind of dip or rise, your cake might sag or lean causing it to topple given enough time on display.

How can I tell if my cake stand will hold the weight of my wedding cake?
It all depends on the cake stand manufacturer and how it is constructed. So make sure to choose a reputable company, because you have spent a lot of time and money on your wedding cake and you would hate for it to be messed up by a poorly made cake stand. This is especially true when you have a wedding cake with 3 or more tiers. You need to make sure the manufacturer has a weight chart to show they have tested the stand properly for large tiered cakes.

Below is the thoroughly tested weight chart for Sarah's Stands cake stands:


Why do I need a cake stand for my wedding cake? 
A cake stand adds height and drama to your wedding cake presentation to help your cake's beauty shine bright. The cake stand is the stage on which your wedding cake dances. It can be the splash of color that pulls your wedding cake design together or the extra touch that can make a simple design into a sublime masterpiece. 

In every survey of wedding guests, the top three most memorable elements of a wedding are always in some order the dress, the music, and the cake. So if you want your wedding to be one your guests remember, focus on making these three elements the best they can be.

These are some of the best cake stands
at showing off your wedding cakes!

Best Wedding Cake Stands

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