Why Should I Use a Cake Plate?

Why Should I Use a Cake Plate?

Cake plates are the darling little sister to the cake stand. They sit flat on the table and help make sure the wedding cake, birthday cake, or any other kind of cake looks its best. If a cake stand is like a pair of high heels for a cake, then a cake plate is like a nice pair of flats. For most big affairs you will want a cake stand but sometimes a cake plate is exactly what you need. Here are a few reasons to use a cake plate:

To Create a Minimalist Look
Even simple cake stands, like my Sweet & Low, will elevate a cake on the table. However, sometimes, you just want a more minimalist look and that is the job for a cake plate. It still offers a completely flat surface for safely displaying your cake while adding style and elegance that is lacking in a random dinner plate. Think of it this way, you might wear flats to a wedding but you are very unlikely to wear your gym shoes to one.

Lower Profile Display for a Dessert Bar
Dessert bars are a very popular option for a wedding. I mean, you get to offer doughnuts, candies, macarons, and all kinds of sweet treats to delight your guests. But you still want a cake for the centerpiece. In order to draw the eye to the cake, you will want to either raise it up above all the other goodies or present it on the same level and let the goodies expand out from it. It is in the latter layout that a cake plate is exactly what you need. 

Hiding a Cake Board
Great cake stands do not have a lip along the edge because it creates problems when trying to slide a heavy tiered wedding cake onto the cake stand. The lip can get in the way and possibly cause the cake stand to tip over. This is why none of my cake stands have a lip making it easy to slide cakes onto them. But with a cake plate, they are flat on the table so they cannot tip over. And, with a cake plate, a bonus benefit is that the lip will hide your cake board and create a seamless overall look for your cake! If you are in the market for a cake board, we got you covered. 

Displaying a Smaller Cake
This one is pretty simple. Sometimes you have a small cake and want a small cake display. So, a cake plate is just a better fit for every small cake!  

Makes for Great Display Ware
Cake plates make great display ware even after the big day is over. You can use it as a tray to bring out cheese and crackers for guests. Or, place it on the dining room table to frame decorative items. You can even use it to show off the future cakes and treats you are going to share with your loved ones. It is an easy way to have a lasting memory of your wedding that you will cherish for years to come.




My Baker Doesn't Trust a Pedestal Cake Stand
OK, I am not going to lie. This one is a little painful to write because I have worked incredibly hard to make sure my cake stands do not tip over and will easily support the weight of even a 10 tier wedding cake. But still, some bakers will not be convinced. They just don't trust that a cake stand will support the weight of a tiered wedding cake. If you find yourself in this situation, you are going to need a cake plate. Don't just leave the cake sitting sadly on the cake board or sitting on a random dinner plate. This is a beloved cake that will be photographed and ogled at by all your guests. Make sure to give it the love it deserves with a proper cake plate to show it off.

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