White Terrazzo Wedding Cake Plate
White Terrazzo Wedding Cake Plate
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White Terrazzo Wedding Cake Plate Detail
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White Terrazzo Cake Plate

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From time to time, I find something so wonderful that I am compelled to share it with all you cake stand lovers. Terrazzo is the new "it" girl of materials which is why I am so excited to offer it to you as a wedding cake plate. It is similar to concrete but it mixes beautifully with other materials, like chips of marble and granite, allowing it to have a unique, multidimensional look. Think of terrazzo as concrete's sexy cousin with a glamorous wardrobe. If you are looking for a cake plate that will give your wedding cake dazzling support then you have found it with this wondrous white beauty. 


  • Made of sealed terrazzo, a material consisting of chips of marble set in concrete and polished to a smooth finish.


  • 12 5/8" diameter. 
  • 5/8" thick.


  • Easily supports the weight of large multi-tiered cakes. 
  • Hand wash.