Purple Wedding Cake Stands
Purple Wedding Cake Stands
Purple Wedding Cake Stand
Wedding Cake Stands
Picture Perfect

Dancing Violets Cake Stand

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I designed this purple pedestal cake stand to be a modern take on a classic shape. The familiar lines naturally draw your eye up to highlight and elevate the sweet treat on top. And, the picture perfect shape compliments cakes and yummy goodies for a swoon-worthy presentation. Made from carbon steel, this cake stand can hold even your heaviest sugary creations.


  • Made of carbon steel.


  • 14 inch & 16 inch diameter x 8 inches tall.
  • 18 inch diameter x 10 inches tall.


  • Flat top plate for complete usable cake space.
  • Hand wash.
  • Crafted in the USA and Canada.
      Rachael D.
      Bold and Beautiful The color of this stand is just gorgeous!!! It has a very vibrant presence and could be a centerpiece all on its own... no cake needed! This stand is also quite stable and very supportive. I am always a little fearful of placing an extra tall cake on a tall narrow pedestal, but let me say that I had no fears with this one. Super sturdy with a bold and beautiful look.