Our Cake Stands

Sarah's Stands Cake Stands

My cake stands are designed to be the stage on which your cake will shine. The classic pedestal shape elevates and enhances your cake making it the center of attention. And, don’t worry about that ten tiered cake masterpiece you are creating because my cake stands are engineered to easily support the weight of large cakes. A flat top plate, proportional design, sturdy bases, and high quality materials ensure that your sweet treats will be supported with ease.

Craftsmanship is a fundamental concept for me in my life and for what I create at Sarah’s Stands. The world is full of stuff. Our houses are full of stuff. Our lives are full of stuff. So, if you are going to add more stuff to your life, I think it should be good stuff. Stuff that is crafted, designed, and made with quality in mind. If you are going to spend your time, energy, and money to bring something into your life, shouldn’t it be well-crafted? When I spend my time making stuff, I make it with the best craftsmanship I can. When you shop at Sarah's Stands, you will receive a great product with the amazing customer service you deserve.

Sarah Falk
CEO, Sarah’s Stands