Silver Wedding Cake Stands
Silver Wedding Cake Stand
Silver Wedding Cake Stands
Picture Perfect

Starry Eyed Cake Stand

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I designed this silver pedestal cake stand to be a modern take on a classic shape. The familiar lines naturally draw your eye up to highlight and elevate the sweet treat on top. And, the picture perfect shape compliments cakes and yummy goodies for a swoon-worthy presentation. Made from carbon steel, this cake stand can hold even your heaviest sugary creations.


  • Made of carbon steel.


  • 10 inch & 12 inch diameter x 6 inches tall.
  • 14 inch & 16 inch diameter x 8 inches tall.
  • 18 inch diameter x 10 inches tall.


  • Flat top plate for complete usable cake space.
  • Hand wash.
  • Crafted in the USA and Canada.
    My favorite! I love the look, the color and the feel of this cake stand. I have used it for holiday decorations, table scrapes, a stand for a potted orchid and of course a stand for cakes and other yummy items I want to showcase..
    Sheila S.
    So enjoy my Starry Eyed cake stand! I purchased the Starry Eyed cake stand a couple of years ago and it is on my table for everyone to see when they come into my home. Since I am not a professional cake-baker, nor a caterer or bride-to-be, I use it as my dining room table centerpiece. It is presented in different ways depending on the season or holiday. For example (to name just a couple of ways I use it) at Valentine's day I have an angel with a heart on it and surround it with a variety of tiny gift boxes wrapped in red foil and tied with silver cord; in the weeks prior to Christmas, my advent wreath is placed on it; and right now I have a few of my Willow Tree ornaments on it. The possibilities are endless. It is often admired by my visitors, and I proudly tell them the history of Sarah's Cake Stands (information is right here on this web site) and how important it is that they are made in the U.S.A. And yes, they are perfect for entertaining, and display your party food so well. I am now trying to decide which one I will buy next!!
    Christina I.
    Amazing Stands I purchased 4 stands from Sarah's Stands. They are all amazing. The stands are very sturdy and the colors are so pretty.
    OvenArt Designer Cake
    Perfectly Designed I am so thankful to have discovered Sarah's Stands! I have 10 stands now in a variety of colors and all are incredibly beautiful and completely functional. They add elegance and flair to any cake design. I am extremely happy with the quality and the customer service I've received. Now I want one in every color. Thank you Sarah.
    Diane A.
    Excellent, I had the starry eyed stand and it looks very stunning with five tiered cake and bling decorations. Excellent service and arrived in time for the wedding I am preparing for. Thank you again. Diane
    Shelby S.
    I have been looking for pedestal stands for quite some time now. I decided to go ahead and invest in TWO 18" stands for wedding cakes for my business. These stands impressed me so much and I highly recommend them! They are beautifully finished and extremely sturdy. I put huge tiered cakes on them and they don't budge. I will be ordering again! Thanks Sarah!
    Jessica w.
    Loved my cake stand sooooooo much!!! It really was the perfect stage for my cake! Thank you much
    Sarah a.
    So in love with my cake stand! Wonderfully crafted to look elegant yet sturdy enough to hold the cake. Often, I would worry about the stability of the cake after set-up, but with the stand, all my worries were put to ease. Thank you Sarah, you have found yourself a new fan from Singapore!