White Wedding Cake Stands
White Wedding Cake Stands
White Wedding Cake Stand
White Wedding Cake Stand
Large White Wedding Cake Stand
Picture Perfect

White Wedding Cake Stand

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I designed this white pedestal cake stand to be a modern take on a classic shape. The familiar lines naturally draw your eye up to highlight and elevate the sweet treat on top. And, the picture perfect shape compliments cakes and yummy goodies for a swoon-worthy presentation. Made from carbon steel, this cake stand can hold even your heaviest sugary creations.


  • Made of carbon steel.


  • 10 inch & 12 inch diameter x 6 inches tall.
  • 14 inch & 16 inch diameter x 8 inches tall.
  • 18 inch diameter x 10 inches tall.


  • Flat top plate for complete usable cake space.
  • Hand wash.
  • Crafted in the USA and Canada.
Sherie H.
Fantastic! I recently received my Sarah's stands cake stands and I LOVE them! I'm a professional cake decorator and run my own cake business and these stands are so perfect with their style and finish that they allow the cakes to shine and display them on a beautiful pedestal. Ill be back to buy more colours. Thanks for an amazing product!
Maggie A.
This is THE stand Every Maggie Austin cake is delivered with a Sarah's Stand. The graceful lines are a perfect fit for my designs and have become an integral part of my aesthetic. Thank you, Sarah!
Gorgeous Simply elegant! This beautifully designed stand works for every cake and every cake deserves to be displayed on a stand like this!
Karen H.
Looks good, the only 16" I could find. We won't be using it till July, but I think it will make a great presentation.
Artisan C.
BEAUTIFUL HIGH QUALITY CAKE STAND I was a bit hesitant to invest this type of money into a cake stand, but i am so happy I did. This cake stand is absolutely gorgeous!!! It really is the most beautiful platform to showcase my cakes. Worth every penny, and will purchase again form Sarah's Stands.
Anne P.
Loved my 16" picture perfect stand! My daughter loved her wedding cake perched on top of this stand! It made a great presentation! The baker was a little Leary when I described it but was very satisfied with the sturdiness of the wood! The bottom cake was 12" on a 14" board on 16" stand which was great for bottom flowers. Picture perfect! Lol! Highly recommend!
Molly A.
Just as I imagined... only better! This stand is BEAUTIFUL! I look at this purchase as an investment in my business. This stand will highlight any cake I decide to showcase on it. Simply Gorgeous! Now I need to start saving for other colors/sizes.
Joanna A.
Excellent product, excellent service from staff, clear and concise website, fantastic delivery time frame. Well worth the money spent on an excellent quality product. Thank you!
Amy K.
Beautiful stand Great Product. A little disappointing in the ordering stage because the promo code was advertised saying 10% of all stands and was not working for the stand I wanted to purchase. But after I explained this to customer service they corrected the problem.
Julia C.
14" Picture Perfect White Wedding Cake Stand Thank you so much for the AMAZING cake stand! It is absolutely perfect. The stand is well made and looks gorgeous. I live in New Zealand and could not find a cake stand I liked. I wanted something wide but also tall. Most cake stands that are wide are also very low to the ground which I don't like! I came across Sarah's Stands while searching online for my dream cake stand and found the perfect stand for me. I am really looking forward to using my new cake stand at my wedding in Feb 2014.
Donna S.
Took a chance In the photo the stand looks like it's made from wood- in real life it's made of metal and is very noticeable. Don't like it
Sarah's Stands
Re: Took a chance We are so sorry to hear you were disappointed with your cake stand. We recently switched from wood to metal and we have tried to make this clear on each product page. The switch was made because we found that metal cake stands are significantly more dent and scratch resistant while still being able to maintain the appealing design. If you would like to return the cake stand for a full refund, please contact us at contact@sarahsstands.com and we will take care of that for you right away.
Katryna G.
It was very difficult to find a 16" wedding cake stand that was pretty and would hold the wedding cake! This stand was perfect!!!
Jane M.
Love the stands!
Joli R.
Love! I absolutely love my new cake stand! It couldn't be more perfect! It truly ties together the whole look of any cake, making it that much more picture perfect. Thanks, Sarah's Stands!
Craig B.
LOVE IT! The stand looks even better in person and the ring is even thick enough to add some ribbon or bling embelishments if I wanted to. I will be using it for the first time next weekend. Thank you so much and I will be back.
Loooooove them. Don't buy any other stand ever!!!! X
Yaeli B.
Love it!
Scarlett K.
I absolutely love it! Having a cake stand with a modern, clean design is perfect for taking professional pictures. Thanks again for your service!
Heidi A.
We purchased 6 stands for use at our shop and love them all! Stylish and sturdy…who could ask for more?!?! :)
Beverly G.
Love it, as usual!!
Maria N.
I love this stand! So pretty and very sturdy. It held my 5 tier ganache for cake (very heavy) with no problem and gave it such an extra elegant look. Don't trust any other stands except Sarah's
Sweet r.
Loved the stand and I am looking forward to seeing the cake raised up on it
Carolyn J.
The stand is a classic and was perfect for the wedding cake I just completed. I am certain I will be using it often.
Tiffany M.
I was looking for a classic white stand for an upcoming wedding. I immediately gravitated toward the Sweet & Low because the Picture Perfect was a bit more than I wanted to spend and a bit too tall for my comfort zone. Well, turns out I waited too long to order the Sweet & Low because when I went back to place the order it was SOLD OUT! Oh no! Desperate now, because I waited so long, I ordered the picture perfect instead. It arrived earlier than expected and it was indeed picture perfect. It was not too tall at all, it was the perfect pedestal for my cake! Worth every penny.
Shireen W.
Beautiful simplicity. I only wish you had a Canadian distributor.
Alison J.
Having searched in the UK to no avail for a cake stand that was suitable for my neice's wedding cake, I was delighted to find the selection of beautiful stands at Sarah Stands. I confess that I did think twice because of the additional postage and customs taxes as I was ordering it from Scotland, however, it was worth every penny. It was perfect in all aspects. The simple, tasteful lines compliment any cake. Moreover, the stand is strong, level and durable. I anticipate that it will become a family heirloom and will be present at significant events in our lives such as birthdays, weddings and Christmas parties. The cake stand is a great investment.
Shelby L.
These cake stands are like NO other. Seriously. No other. They are a pretty penny but obviously everything that costs has had to be well thought out, designed, executed, and a product that does not fail which is this cake stand. It holds extremely heavy weight without budging. I am happy to say I now own 3 large stands and plan on getting more!